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Clement Mok on the sorry state of things

August 5, 2003

From Designers: Time for a Change:

[T]he design profession functions as if each individual designer is selling his or her services in some sort of terminological vacuum, with nothing more substantial than his or her personal charisma and taste to serve as the foundation for vast edifices of public influence.

Itís not about designers per se. Itís about the fundamental phenomenon of design, which has many participantsóand most of them arenít designers.

If we really want to be valued, we must stop feeling ... overprotective of the mythical magic we try to sell clients. We need to be more specific and clear about what it is we actually do, and get much more immersed in our clientsí work and needs, as part of a team, not as some phantom who comes, does something cool, and then leaves.

I've certainly known a few of those "phantom" designer types - who prefer to hide behind the studio walls rather than mix it up with a client team.

One of the things I really liked about working with Phoenix Pop (along with some of Clement's ex-Studio cohorts) was the premium that company placed on direct collaboration with clients, making a concerted effort at tearing down the walls that so many designers so studiously hide behind.

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