Alex Wright


Vancouver-bound July 25, 2008

I'm looking forward to spending the next ten days out in the land of salmon, where I'll be holing up in a dorm room at the University of British Columbia to study with Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche. This marks my third...
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Gone With The Sleestaks July 19, 2006

The year is 1863, and the Northern Army has stumbled onto a secret valley of dinosaurs somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Yankees are bent on capturing the dinos to turn them into weapons of mass destruction against the...
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Siam Diary: Part VII May 26, 2004

The Buddhist Kingdom The first European visitors to Siam recoiled at the local people's devotion to images of the Buddha. Seeing the heathen coolies bowing to their false god, Christian missionaries and traders recognized a sure sign of pagan idolatry....
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Siam Diary: Part VI May 19, 2004

Into the Jungle On Wednesday morning we hopped in back of a Toyota covered pickup truck and set out for the mountains northwest of Chiang Mai. Piled together on rattling foam benches for the next four hours, we got to...
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Siam Diary: Part V May 16, 2004

Chiang Mai In a post-Full Moon haze we stumbled onto the morning flight to Chiang Mai, traveling a thousand miles north to Thailand's second city. Once an independent kingdom, Chiang Mai still retains a distinct sense of place, culturally closer...
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Siam Diary: Part IV May 16, 2004

Ko Samui After three days of air-conditioned beach resort coddling in Phuket, we happily downgraded ourselves to a $15/night mosquito-net bungalow in Ko Samui. Colonized by backpackers on the Kathmandu trail in the late 1970s, Ko Samui has long since...
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Siam Diary: Part III May 15, 2004

Phuket I tend to share Paul Theroux's disdain for "consumer travel" at corporate beach resorts and time-share condos, but we had heard that the Big Hotel beaches at Kata were something to behold, and indeed they were: pristine white sand,...
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Siam Diary: Part II May 13, 2004

Bangkok Here and there in the distance, above the crowded mob of low, brown roof ridges, towered great piles of masonry, King's Palace, temples, gorgeous and dilapidated, crumbling under the vertical sunlight, tremendous, overpowering, almost palpable, which seemed to enter...
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Siam Diary: Part I May 10, 2004

Two Thailands And who can so describe a city as to give a significant picture of it? It is a different place to everyone who lives in it. No one can tell what it is. Somerset Maugham, on Bangkok Any...
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