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April 23, 2003

I came across this list of SARS blogs, several of them emanating from mainland China, where a few intrepid bloggers seem to be circumventing the official Beijing party line with man-on-the-street reports of what it's really like to be living in the grip of a mass panic.

Wang Jian Shuo reports:

When I talk with the Dazhong taxi 5 days ago, the driver told me his car is not disinfected at all although the Oriental TV is reporting all taxis are disinfected everyday. I recorded this under the Taxi driver section of the blog of that day. Today, I talked with another mid-aged taxi driver - he also comes from the Dazhong taxi company and he told me the following information:

"My car is disinfected every morning. This actually started from this Monday. The seat covers are washed daily, while they are changed not frequently before - about once every week. We are also required to open the window during driving."

... I can still smell the vinegar-like disinfectant in the car.

on a totally unrelated note, Wang Jian Shuo also has several gorgeous photos of Tibet's Kham province.

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