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February 12, 2003

Chris Rusay and I worked together last year on a project for the Province of British Columbia (who, operating as they do in government time, haven't quite gotten around to launching it yet).

Chris has just published an article on User-Centered Design for Large Government Portals in Digital Web, sharing some useful insights from his travails developing government sites for British Columbia and the State of Minnesota.

self-serving pull-quote:

During a project for a Canadian provincial government, information architect Alex Wright completed a facet "mapping" exercise, which established content relationships and provided a solid basis for metadata definition... the BC portal was my first (and so far only) exposure to working on a government site. and while spending 12-hour days classifying Canadian government documents may not make for the sexiest project in the history of the Web, it actually turned out to be a worthwhile effort that delivered, I think, some tangible value for users.

and I much enjoyed the chance to spend 5 weeks in Victoria, a beautiful little city across the sound from Vancouver. I learned a whole lot about British Columbia, the politics of timber, Emily Carr, and how not to get sick in a seaplane.

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