Alex Wright

cat, out of bag

November 4, 2002

Ever since we fielded that eleventh-hour call from Rob Burgess' office on the eve of DevCon a few days ago, we've been on the receiving end of an unexpected little PR putsch.

It turned out Burgess wanted to demo our current Postio beta release during his keynote speech. And while we would be the first to admit that our product is nowhere near ready for prime time yet (and won't be for at least another 3 months), we're not letting that stop us from salving our fragile egos with a dose of positive blurbage, e.g.:

John Dowdell:
" a single-screen online email service from Postio (think HotMail but in a single screen...) "

Mike Chambers:
"Postio : (very cool). Rich Internet Application. Email system done entirely in Flash. Function very much like a desktop app."

We're also working on soliciting a testimonial from our favorite beta gadfly, Jeremy Allaire. Now, if only we can actually make it to v1 on our not-even-a-shoestring development budget...

File under: User Experience

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