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Super 8 redux so i've

April 5, 2001

Super 8 redux
so i've been playing with Apple's new
iMovie 2, and am happy to report that it just plain rocks. having endured a few hours' worth of amateur struggles with Premiere and After Effects, i had no particular hopes for iMovie beyond finding an easier way to digitize video with my Sony digital video cam. and sure enough, the Firewire port works pretty much as advertised - providing a fat pipe for streaming video into the Mac. but once i had iMovie up on its feet, i happily discovered a passel of goofy little video and audio effects that require no more learning curve than a few clicks-and-drags on a simple timeline interface.

amateur hour, here i come...

here's my first opus, goofy footage of a trip to muir woods with my friends chris and kassia (note: you'll need QuickTime player, and make sure to turn on the volume).

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