Alex Wright

In search of the Deep Web

March 9, 2004

Salon is running my article In Search of the Deep Web, in which I take a look at the expansion of search engines into the recesses of the dynamic Web.

When I started writing the piece about three weeks ago, I envisioned it as more of a "think piece" than a news article; but then last week, Yahoo! abruptly announced a major foray into Deep Web search - giving the piece an unexpected news hook (not to mention pushing up my deadline).

While there was no way to write the story without at least acknowledging recent developments, I've tried my best to avoid letting it turn into yet another "search wars" story. As I try to explain in the piece, I think Deep Web search has longer-term implications that we are only beginning to understand.

Also, I just discovered the piece is getting a Slashdot workout.

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