Alex Wright

Google audio search

October 4, 2004

Interesting post speculating about a hypothetical Google audio search engine:

[T]he search engine will be able to hunt down semantic web information. In plain terms, the search functionality will allow you to search through the metatags (or metadata) of songs, such as artist, album, length, year, and more ... Finally, the audio search will allow users to find files based on associations between songs. Audio files aren't currently well indexed and related to each other by any central source. Unlike HTML files hyperlinked to other HTML files, audio files aren't well linked at all. However, Google will associate file names, metadata, and speech-to-text content, so that you can literally link from one song to another song. In simple terms, the text (or text extracts) associated with audio files are easy to link to if your database is big enough. (via kottke)

File under: Semantic Web

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