Alex Wright

Class of 1984

October 7, 2004

Class of 1984Last weekend took me back to my old school for my 20th high school reunion.

I can't remember who pointed out recently that there are now two kinds of people in the world: those with Google footprints, and those without. So, with no disrespect to the latter, I thought I would offer a few shout-outs to some fellow alums of the former persuasion:

Rob Levit, whom I used to goad mercilessly when he was hacking out bad Randy Rhoads licks on his fake Stratocaster, has gotten his comeuppance and then some by going on to become a prolific jazz guitarist, just releasing his eighth album.

Gordon Stettinius shoots commercial and fine arts photography, including a few book covers (and anyone whose work graces the cover of In Cold Blood is ok by me). Quick plug: Gordon currently has a show running at San Francisco's Madrone Lounge.

Mike Henry slings gags for the recently resurrected Family Guy.

Sarah Paxton runs La Difference, a hep furniture emporium.

I imagine I've missed someone here.
I also enjoyed reconnecting with Lewis "Bubba" Lawson, my 9th grade English and 10th grade religion teacher, who enjoyed near-universal esteem for his predeliction to tell long, rambling dirty jokes during the last five minutes of English class (memorably, "Pedro of the Big Nostril"). In retrospect, Bubba made another lasting impression on me: he was the first person to introduce me to Buddhist teachings (though, ironically, he belongs to the same Episcopalian church as my parents). I have a distinct memory of Bubba explaining the four noble truths in class one day, and thinking to myself: "Well, that makes sense."

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