Alex Wright


May 13, 2005

Media Lab alums Ben Fry and Casey Reas have introduced Processing 1.0, an open source graphical computing envionrment "developed by artists and designers as an open-source alternative to commercial software tools in the same domain."

The beta release features prototype projects by participants from UCLA, NYU, Yale, and Carnegie Mellon, among others. A few that tickled my bippy:

Thinking Machine
Martin Wattenberg's machine chess environment lets users visualize the computer's decision-making process, and displays the changing "spheres of influence" for each piece on the table.

Thinking Machine

Cinema Redux
An exploration of visualizing movies as a contact sheet-style image, condensing all the frames down to a single still image.

Cinema Redux

Acoustic Cartography
An "acoustic camera" for visualizing sonic events.

Acoustic Camera

> More on Processing 1.0

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