Alex Wright


July 11, 2008

For the past several weeks I've been heads-down on a project to develop a NYTimes application for the new 3G iPhone. With today's launch, I'm happy to report the application is now up for grabs in the iPhone App Store.

This first release amounts to a pretty straightforward little news reading app with a couple of extra features like the ability to read offline (handy for planes and subways), a customizable menu of news feeds, and a photo browser. We have a bunch of other (more interesting) ideas in mind for future releases, but this initial foray gave us a chance to get familiar with the iPhone SDK and develop a design language that we can start to build on.

If you're a current iPhone or iPod touch user, you'll need to download the new iPhone 2.0 software to run the app (fair warning: the app is designed primarily for use on 3G and WiFi, but it will work - albeit a little sluggishly - over the EDGE network). For the iPhone-less among you, my colleague John Niedermeyer has posted a video demo.

NYTimes on the iPhone

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